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Solar PV Panels for your home

Solar PV panels utilise the sun’s light energy to generate renewable electricity for your home. This renewable electricity can then either be used in your home, thereby reducing your energy bill, or exported into the National Grid to earn money.

The size of a solar PV panels system is typically recorded in kilowatt-peak units (kWp) which is a recording of the maximum power measured in laboratory conditions. An average domestic solar PV panels system  of around 2.2kWp is estimated to generate reductions in fuel bills of around £100 each year, and, through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme an average system will make a combined saving and income of around £900 per year.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels are best situated on south facing roofs. This is to maximize the amount of sunlight your solar PV panels receive, and so maximize the amount of energy you generate. Once installed, however, solar PV panels require very little maintenance and usually have a life expectancy of over 25 years.

Types of Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels come in three main types:

  • Monocrystalline PV cells
  • Polycrystalline PV cells
  • Amorphous PV cells

Which type of solar PV panels is best for your home depends largely on your budget, requirements, and the specific aspect and type of your roof (although solar PV panels can also be installed in walls and on undeveloped land). For more information on each type, see Types of Solar PV panels.

How Solar PV panels work

Solar PV panels work in a variety of ways depending on the system you choose. In broad terms, solar PV panels use light energy from the sun to generate a Direct Current (DC) of electricity. This is then turned into a useable Alternating Current (AC) by an inverter and either used in your home to power appliances, or exported into the National Grid to earn money. Because solar PV panels use light energy and not heat energy, they are effective throughout the year. In fact, whilst performance may be diminished, solar PV panels can still generate renewable electricity in overcast weather! For more detailed information visit our page on How Solar PV panels work.

If you are interested in solar PV panels and would like to discuss them further, or would like to arrange a free quote and survey of your home, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2987467.

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