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Photovoltaic Roof Panels Performance – Size and Type of Property

If you are interested in installing photovoltaic roof panels on your home, one of the main factors you will need to consider is the size of the system you wish to install. Obviously, a larger photovoltaic roof panels system will generate more electricity, thereby bringing greater returns, but the number of photovoltaic roof panels is limited by the available surface area of your roof.

The size of the photovoltaic roof panels system you install will be affected by a combination of factors:

Once you have worked out an approximation of how large a photovoltaic roof panels system you are likely to require, you can calculate the likely returns you will make using our solar PV calculator.

Photovoltaic Roof Panels Performance – Size of Roof

As a general rule, you should expect to generate 1 kW of electricity for every 8-10m2 of photovoltaic roof panels you install. However, you should also be aware that the amount of energy you can export from a typical single-phase domestic property is currently limited to 3.6kW, making 4kW the maximum viable photovoltaic roof panels system for anyone wanting to export electricity.

In addition, the height of the roof can affect the viability and expense of installation of photovoltaic roof panels – roofs above 3 stories can make installation difficult.

Photovoltaic Roof Panels Performance – Type of Roof

You should also take into account the angle of pitch, condition of rafters and materials of your roof. Photovoltaic roof panels can be heavy so your roof will need to be able to withstand the additional weight, especially if you are planning on retrofitting photovoltaic roof panels over existing roof tiles. Because of this, a large roof, may not necessarily be able to hold as many photovoltaic roof panels as you might expect of the surface area. This is one of the things a photovoltaic roof panels installer will look at when they survey your home before providing the detailed quote.

The angle of pitch can affect the amount of sunlight your photovoltaic roof panels receive, thereby affecting the overall performance of your system. Whilst you obviously cannot easily alter this factor, it is worth bearing in mind when making predicting the performance of a photovoltaic roof panel system.

If you are interested in having photovoltaic roof panels installed on your home, contact us today for more information.
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