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The Effects of Climate on Solar PV Panel Efficiency

Climate is one of the most significant factors to affect solar PV panel efficiency. You obviously cannot change the climate without moving properties, but it is worth being aware of which climatic factors play a part in solar PV panel efficiency. Not least because people are often surprised by the conditions in which solar PV panel efficiency is high, and the conditions in which the panels can operate effectively.

Which Climatic features affect Solar PV Panel Efficiency?

The following all play some role in determining the solar PV panel efficiency in a given location:

  • The amount of sunlight – Solar PV panels generate electricity as a result of a reaction with sunlight. This does not mean broad sunshine is required; simply good levels of general daylight will produce a good solar PV panel efficiency level.

  • Light levels – Solar PV panel efficiency will decrease on dark cloudy days but will be high on cold sunny days and even in full moonlight!

  • Low light levels – different panels have greater levels of solar PV panel efficiency at lower light levels. This can increase the number of hours in which electricity is produced and thereby improve the solar PV panel efficiency in general.

  • Hours of sunlight – the more hours of sunlight the more power produced, this is affected by the time of year and your location – consequently you may need to use more electricity from the grid during the winter as your experience lower solar PV panel efficiency during the darker months.

  • Cloud cover – the further west you are, the more rain and cloud cover you are likely to have – this will affect the overall solar PV panel efficiency of your system

  • Cold – your system should maintain a good solar PV panel efficiency level down to -10 degrees Celsius

  • Heat – high temperatures can adversely affect the PV panel efficiency of your system and this can cause panels to cut out

Many problems which lead to low solar PV panel efficiency can be averted by ensuring a high-quality installation. For more information on installing solar panels, contact us on 0116 2987467.
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