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PV Solar Panels – Gallery and Examples

These are examples of previous installations of PV solar panels and are designed to give you an idea of what different styles, types, methods of installation and different PV solar panels manufacturers look like. For more information on the different types of installation, see the Types of Installation page. All images are courtesy of TD Solar unless otherwise stated.

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PV Solar Panels – On Roof

These PV solar panels are installed on roof meaning they sit above the tiles on the roof.



PV Solar Panels – In Roof (Integrated)

These PV solar panels are integrated into the roof so that they lie flush to the tiles.






PV Solar Panels – PV Roof Tiles

These PV solar panels are in the form of roof tiles that simply replace your existing roof tiles.



PV Solar Panels – Flat Roofs

PV solar panels can also be installed on flat roofs using mounting frames, although this usually requires planning permission.


PV Solar Panels – Ground Mounted

PV Solar panels can be mounted on frames on the ground if you have spare land. However, like PV solar panels on flat roofs, this method of installation usually requires planning permission.


PV Solar Panels – Retrofit Installations

PV solar panels from most PV solar panel manufacturers can be installed on pre-existing houses. In fact, this is exceedingly common as homeowners look to invest in the Feed-in Tariffs.


PV Solar Panels – New Builds

If you’re building a new home, fitting PV solar panels as a part of the building process is a cost-effective way of saving money once you move in. And because you’re building from scratch, there is more freedom in terms of design and layout.

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