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Maintenance and Guarantees from Suppliers of Photovoltaic Panels

Guarantees from our suppliers of photovoltaic panels

Solar panels are a significant investment and you want to make sure that your panels are going to last. Our partner suppliers of photovoltaic panels are all fully accredited and so your purchase is guaranteed through specific accreditation bodies. For example, if you buy through Solar-Help then, because our suppliers of photovoltaic panels are accredited through NCEIC, your purchase will come with an insurance-backed warranty. And, should you have any problems we can’t solve or you feel we aren’t doing enough to help you, the NCEIC also provide an independent complaints procedure for all member suppliers of photovoltaic panels.

Guarantees from manufacturers of photovoltaic panels

In addition to a warranty from our suppliers of photovoltaic panels, solar panels also come with manufacturer guarantees, although these vary depending on the manufacturer. You can expect a minimum of 2 years ‘no quibble’ guarantee although some manufacturers extend this to a 5 year guarantee.  After the initial 2-5 year no-quibble guarantee has expired, the manufacturer will still replace the panels for free should they drop below a certain level of performance.

Maintenance of solar photovoltaic panels

Solar photovoltaic panels generally require minimal maintenance and, after our partner suppliers of photovoltaic panels have finished the installation, you can generally do most maintenance yourself. Typical maintenance is usually little more than occasional cleaning and ensuring trees and other obstacles do not grow to cover the panels. Most photovoltaic panels should have a life expectancy of  over 25 years and, should you have a problem, you are covered by the various guarantees listed above.

If you are interested in solar photovoltaic panels, please feel free to contact us on 0116 2987467 to discuss solar PV further.
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