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Equipment needed for photovoltaic panels

Depending on the type of solar panel system you choose to install, you will need a small range of equipment to complete your solar system in addition to the solar panels themselves. The installer can advise you on the particular requirements of your solar panel system, and will be able to answer any questions you might have. However, generally, the following equipment will be required.

If you install a solar photovoltaic system then you will need a small range of equipment - besides the actual solar PV panels, for a photovoltaic panel system you will also require the following.

Equipment needed for photovoltaic panels - Solar PV Inverter

An inverter is necessary to transfer the electrical current generated from your new photovoltaic panels from a Direct Current (DC) into an Alternating Current (AC) which can then be used in your home. This is an essential part of the system and constantly monitors the output of the panels so it can adjust itself to convert the current as efficiently as possible.


Equipment needed for photovoltaic panels - Solar PV Meter

The Solar PV meter allows you to monitor the performance of your photovoltaic panels from anywhere in your home. It can be wirelessly connected to your inverter for a flexible monitoring solution and meters often come in stylish designs.


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