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Save money with a Combination Boiler – find combi boiler prices for your home today!

Combination (combi) condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional non-condensing boilers, saving you money on your fuel bill. There is a wide range of open vent and combination boilers available and combi boiler prices vary depending on the model you choose. Because there are so many combination boilers available, finding combi boiler prices to suit your budget is easiest if you speak to an expert. That is why Solar 43 provide free, no-obligation quotes from accredited installers – find a combination boiler and get combi boiler prices the easy way.

Which? estimate that you could save around £245 a year simply by upgrading to a condensing boiler!

You may also be interested in changing to a different central heating system, or a renewable source of heat, such as solar heating, which can provide even greater savings!

Contact us now to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote and get combi boiler prices from an installer in your local area.

What is a Combination (combi) boiler?

Old, non-condensing boilers lose a significant proportion of the heat they generate through the flue or exhaust. If you install a modern condensing combination boiler then this heat is recycled as the exhaust is passed through a heat exchanger to help heat the cool water re-entering the boiler.

There are two main types of condensing boiler:

Combination or Combi boilers – Combination boilers provide hot water for your central heating but they also provide hot water for your taps on demand. When you switch on a hot water tap, the combination boiler senses that you require hot water and instantly provides the required heat. With combination boilers you only pay to heat the hot water you need and so combination boilers reduce the amount of money wasted on keeping a cumbersome and inefficient hot water tank. Combination boilers are increasingly common and are ideal for most family homes.

Open Vent boilers and Sealed system boilers – These boilers are ‘heat only’ boilers. Unlike combination boilers, they require a hot water storage tank to store the hot water they generate. Open vent boiler also require a second water tank, usually stored in the loft. These systems are not usually as efficient as combination boilers, but they can be useful for homes not suited to combination boilers and homes with multiple bathrooms.

The best way to find out whether an open vent or combination boiler is most suited to your home is to speak to a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. To arrange a free, no-obligation quote for open vent and combi boiler prices from an accredited installer, simply fill in our online contact form.

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