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Upgrade your Gas Central Heating and save with Condensing Boilers

Gas central heating is the method of heating used in most British homes. It is what is known as a ‘wet system’ – a boiler heats water that is circulated around your home to heat rooms via radiators. Most homeowners using this system rely on boilers for home heating. In fact, the boiler alone accounts for around 60% of your energy expenditure, so it is worth considering upgrading to a condensing boiler. If you don’t have a condensing boiler, you can make significant savings by upgrading to a newer, more efficient boiler for home heating.

Depending on your circumstances there could be Government grants and funding, such as the Warm Front scheme, to help you upgrade to a condensing boiler or for gas central heating installation costs. Visit our Grants page for more information on funding for boilers for home heating.

You may also be interested in a range of other heating systems, including renewable sources such as solar heating.

For information on condensing boiler and gas central heating installation costs, contact us today and arrange a free, no-obligation quote from an accredited supplier in your local area.

How much can I save by improving my Gas Central Heating with a Condensing Boiler?

Gas is a highly efficient fuel, meaning you get a good return on each unit of gas. However, a lot of the heat energy you produce can be lost by a standard G-rated non-condensing boiler. Modern condensing boilers are much more efficient than older non-condensing boilers and all new boilers for home heating, by law, now have to be A-rated condensing boilers. This means condensing boilers must have an efficiency of at least 88% so that for each unit of gas you burn, at least 88% is used directly in heating your home. G-rated non-condensing boilers are less than 70% efficient, meaning that over 30% of your fuel bill pays for wasted energy.

Obviously the more efficient the boiler for home heating, the lower your energy bills. Which? estimate the average saving made by a condensing boiler to be around £240 a year! This is based on the heating and hot water demands of a three-bedroomed, semi-detached, well-insulated house, the efficiencies of typical heating systems and the current average price per fuel per kWh (as at Sept 2008). Which? provide the following figures for condensing boilers:

Annual fuel cost for heating and hot water

•    Condensing boiler: £490
•    Standard boiler: £730
•    Saving: £240

Carbon emissions per year

•    Condensing boiler: 2.5 tonnes
•    Standard boiler: 3.7 tonnes
•    Saving: 1.2 tonnes

This means you could save around £240 every year with a condensing boiler!

Contact us to arrange for a free quote from an installer and find out about gas central heating installation costs and condensing boilers for your home.
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