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Photovoltaic solar panels cost and prices

We know how important it is to know you’re getting the best deal, which is why we have worked with our partner installers to cap the solar PV panels prices for each different system size. This means that before you even meet the installer and get your quote, you know the maximum solar PV panel prices you will be paying. Of course, each installation is different and photovoltaic solar panel costs fluctuate depending on a variety of factors:

  • Type of PV cells used – different technologies affect solar PV panels prices

  • Method of installation – the type of installation affects the overall photovoltaic solar panels cost

  • Size and type of property – this can affect the solar PV panels cost as different properties have different requirements

When considering PV panels prices, it is important to bear in mind the return you are likely to make through the Feed-in Tariffs. You can use our solar calculator to work out the returns you are likely to make on your solar panels.

Solar PV Panels Prices – Retrofitting on existing properties

For retrofitting solar PV panels on existing properties, the solar PV panels prices are capped at the following levels:



* Maximum size of a domestic system that can be feed into a the grid 3.68 kW (16 A single-phase), unless G59 permission obtained


 Additional and other PV solar panels costs

Depending on your property, there may be additional PV solar panels costs:

  • Additional PV solar panels costs for more than one roof aspect e.g. east and west facing (extra £1,000 - £2,000
o    Extra scaffolding
o    Extra inverters

  • Additional PV solar panels costs for integrated or in-roof panels (extra £1,000 - £2,000)
o    Removal of old tiles or slates
o    Higher cost of the panels

  • Additional PV solar panels costs for whole roof systems (extra £2,000 - £5,000)

  • Additional PV solar panels costs for commercial systems of 10kW and above will be £2500-£3500 per kW, excluding the photovoltaic solar panels costs associated with G59 application


Solar PV Panels Prices – New Builds

If you are building a new house, solar panels are a brilliant investment  - not least because a lot of the PV solar panels costs are cut out because you don’t have to work around an existing roof. In addition, you have greater freedom over design and likely to have a greater choice over the type of installation. This means that, depending on the system you choose, the PV solar panels costs are likely to be smaller than for a comparable retrofit installation.

Because of the individuality a new build affords, we cannot provide fixed price information on solar PV panels prices for this kind of installation. However, we can provide you with an experienced and expert installer who will be able to work with you and your designer/architect to create an exciting and cost-effective new solar panel system.

 If you are interested in installing solar PV panels, you can contact us on 0116 2987467.

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