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Solar Panels Grants, Finance and Feed-in Tariff

Depending on whether you decide to install a solar heating system or a solar PV panel system, your system is likely to be eligible for either the Renewable Heat Incentive solar panels grants or the Feed-in Tariff solar panels grants. Both are solar panels grants schemes funded by the Government and will pay you a set amount for each unit of renewable energy you generate, making solar panels a fantastic investment opportunity.

Solar Panels Grants - Feed-in Tariffs

Feed-in Tariffs are a Government solar panels grants scheme designed to encourage homeowners to install solar panels. Through the Feed-in-Tariff solar panels grants scheme, homeowners who generate renewable electricity will receive annual payments for each unit of energy generated.

Solar Panels Grants - Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a solar panels grants scheme similar to the Feed-in-Tariffs, and rewards subscribers for the renewable heat energy they generate.

The Government has also announced that there will be a Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payments system which will provide one-off solar panels grants payments to homeowners to help cover the cost of initial installation. The Renewable Heat Incentive solar panels grants will be available from July 2011 and homeowners who take advantage will then be eligible for the long-term tariff payments that begin in 2012.

Solar Panels Grants - Rent-a-Roof Solar schemes

A number of energy companies are offering ‘rent a roof’ schemes which, unlike solar panels grants, provide free solar panels for your home. 

For most of these schemes which give you free solar panels, the actual solar panels will be owned by the company which installed them. Different schemes provide different terms and different savings, however, so it is worth looking around.

For more information on solar panels grants, and to receive a free quote for installing solar panels on your home, simply fill in our online form or contact us on 0116 2987467.
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