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Commercial Solar Panel Sizes and Special Permissions

Commercial solar panel system sizes are generally considerably larger than domestic systems as business owners typically have more space and are able to make greater investments for greater returns. Commercial solar panel system sizes can, however, be tailored to the requirements of your property.

Commercial solar panel systems can be installed on a wide variety of property types, including other residential properties, farm buildings, retail units, and most other commercial buildings. The typical minimum requirements for commercial solar panel systems are:

  • A suitable roof structure, or ground area, preferably south facing and with minimal shading

  • Approximately 8-10m2 of roof area for every kW of solar panels

  • If you have a flat roof, want to install on land, or you are in a conservation area, then you will need planning permission


As part of the buying process, we will conduct a free site survey on your property which will enable us to offer more informed advice on the size and type of commercial solar panel systems best suited to your business. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2987467.

Solar Panel System Sizes -G59 and Limitations on Exporting Electricity into the National Grid

Through the Feed-in Tariffs, you can earn additional income from your solar panels by exporting the electricity you generate into the National Grid. However, there are currently restrictions on the amount of electricity you can export into the National Grid:

  • Currently (as of April 2011) for 3-phase electrical systems, there is a limit of 3.68kW (approximately 16A) per phase.

  • If you want to export more than this, then you require special permission known as a G59 from your energy supplier or Distributor Network Operator (DNO).

  • The cost of a G59 can be prohibitively expensive as the local DNO can charge for the G59 relay and associated equipment upgrades, someone to test the equipment and for the DNO to come out and witness that test.

  • However, the export limit is likely to be increased from 3.68kW per phase to 17kW per phase in 2011.

For more information on commercial solar panel sizes, systems and installations, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2987467.

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