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Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels can be a fantastic investment, especially for high consumption business such as manufacturing, offices and holiday homes. By installing commercial solar panels, your business can make huge savings on your annual fuel bill, whilst also taking advantage of the Feed-in Tariffs. Our solar PV calculator can help you work out how much you could benefit from commercial solar panels.

If you have any questions or you are interested in commercial solar panels for your business, contact us today on 0116 2987467.

Commercial Solar Panels - Tariff Payments, Costs and Returns

Commercial tariff payments, costs and returns are likely to be central to your decision to invest in commercial solar panels. We know how important it is to understand exactly what you should expect to receive as a return, which is why we’ve provided our solar PV calculator. And because you need to know what you’ll be paying, we have a fixed cap on all our prices.

Commercial Solar Panels - Different System Sizes and Special Permissions Required

Different sizes of commercial solar panel systems and installation types may require special permissions from either your Local Authority, energy company, or Distributor Network Operator (DNO). Find out about the various commercial solar panel system sizes and special permissions with Solar-Help.

Commercial Solar Panels - Using the electricity yourself

Commercial solar panels are particularly attractive if you want to use the electricity as well. High consumption businesses like manufacturing, offices, holiday homes etc can all make significant savings on their energy bills with commercial solar panels. The savings in electricity will typically represent a third of the total amount you make from commercial solar panels each year.

Commercial Solar Panels - Free advice and site visit?

Solar-Help is a joint venture between Anicca Digital (a digital marketing agency) and a number of hand-picked MCS accredited suppliers. Our role is to provide helpful advice to home and business owners wanting to invest in solar panels, without any high-pressure sales techniques. As part of the commercial solar panels buying process, we conduct a free site visit and survey on your property so that we can offer you informed, individual advice on commercial solar panels.

We hold your hand through the commercial solar panel buying process -so download our free guide or use our solar PV calculatorcon. Or give us a ring on 01162985629 and we will try and answer all your questions!
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