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About Solar-Help

Solar-Help was set up with the objective of encouraging domestic and commercial investment in solar panel systems. Our aim is to:

  • Help consumers and businesses understand the complex process of investing in solar panels
  • Explain in sensible, easy to understand language the financial aspects of investing in solar panels and how to receive the Government-backed rebate (Feed-in-Tariff)
  • Enable consumers and businesses to invest in solar energy with accredited, reliable installers at cost-effective rates

We are a small, friendly company who work hard to provide you with great deals on solar panel systems. We offer consumers and businesses free, no-obligation quotes from carefully selected fully-accredited solar installers.

For more information on a specific aspect of our service or solar panels in general, see the relevant section of the site:

Our Free Guide to Solar Energy details how we work and the services we offer, as well as the issues surrounding solar energy in general. If you have any questions or are interested in buying solar panels with Solar-Help, please feel free to contact us.

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